IDS, Industrial Design Studio, was founded in 1980 by designer Rino Dalmonte. The Studio works in the fields of Architecture, Interior, Product and Graphic Design.

Rino Dalmonte starts his career back in 1968 in collaboration with the Architect Vittorio Fiorentini. Later, between 1970 and 1976, he works on architectural projects for residential and commercial use and dedicates most of his work to the design of kitchens for the italian company DUE ERRE. In 1985, during a convention about Italian Design, the projects from IDS are exhibited at the Columbia University of Los Angeles, USA. In 1986, the German institute ICSID organizes a series of lectures regarding a project of IDS ("Mutazione e Glasor - profilo ergonomico") at the academy of design of Ulm, Germany. in 1990, Rino Dalmonte is invited to participate at a deisgn meeting organized by the institute Sekisui, Japan and, in 1998, at a design convention organized by Vitricor/Internationl Papers in Memphis, USA. Projects from IDS have been published in several magazines in Italy and abroad.

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